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Health and Work Outcomes

Health and Work Outcomes


As the Employee Health Manager for LL Bean, the results of a depression quality improvement initiative in the late 1990's offered proof that improving health has benefits in many areas. When we measured improvements in how Maine people functioned as they recovered from depression, we saw equal gains in functioning at work, at home, and in leisure time activities. This led to insight that I could help organizations and individuals understand that improving health status can result in multiple benefits.


When I left L.L. Bean in 2000, I started Health and Work Outcomes to support a 4 year ergonomics study with 4 university researchers to build on this insight. The ergonomics study showed that adjusting work places to better fit individuals can result in improved health and productivity.


In the ensuing years, I’ve been the principal of Health and Work Outcomes, bringing in resources and additional personnel as needed for individual projects.


The belief that improving overall health and well-being has multiple benefits in multiple areas still underlies everything I do.

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